“When I call December Farm, I know I’m talking to the person who actually fed and handled my horse that morning. I know Nicole will be completely straight with me, not just tell me what I want to hear.” – Cali Holan

“We wanted to board at a farm where our horses would be watched closely every day, and well cared for at a fair price. We also wanted a farm that uses outstanding veterinarians and farriers also at a fair price. We got all of this, and more, at December Farm.” – John Tavana

“Three things make Nicole and December Farm special. First, December Farm pays close attention to the details because subtle changes to a foal’s behavior can be an early warning sign of other physical issues. Secondly, Nicole has a very critical eye. In a business where most farm managers take the path of least resistance and tell owners that “everything is great” with their mares and foals, Nicole is willing and able to highlight physical issues, even if they are slight, which helps me manage my own expectations about sales value or racing prospects. Finally, Nicole has great integrity and honesty and is the most trustworthy person I have met in the horse racing business.” - Jim Covello

“Nicole and her staff go above and beyond to ensure the well-being and happiness of the horse. The level of care and individual attention is outstanding. December Farm is a first-rate facility that provides an efficient and tranquil environment. My foals have every chance to reach their full potential.” – Michael Michalisin

“At December Farm I know my mares will be looked after professionally by someone who cares and will pay attention to detail. They will have every opportunity to get in foal, and will arrive back at my farm in Alberta,Canada, looking great.” – Dr. David and Kaye Reid

“Nicole has an instinct for horses that’s pretty special. She’s perceptive about them, knows what to look for, knows when something’s wrong even when everything seems to be right.” - Jackie Wammock