• Nicole Hammond, Owner

    Originally from Canada, Nicole is very pleased to call Kentucky home. She started her career in the horse business by first competing in endurance and competitive riding. Later, she studied equine science and horse breaking and training at Abingdon & Witney College in England. In the late 1990s, she dreamed of doing something important so she developed December Farm, a distinctively different boarding operation.

  • Dr. Hernando Plata, DVM, MS, DACT

    Dr. Plata obtained his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the Universidad de la Salle in Bogata, Columbia in 1987 and completed an Intership in Equine Medicine and Surgery at the University of Missouri in 1988. He completed a Residency in Theriogenology and a Master of Science in Reproduction also from the University of Missouri. Dr. Plata is a Diplomate of the American College of Theriogenologists. His special interests are uterine blood-flow in the barren mare and reproductive bioitechnoloigies.

  • Dr. Bill Vandergrift, Nutritional Advisor

    Dr. Vandergrift is the founder of EquiVision, Inc. an international equine nutrition consulting company based in Versailles, Kentucky servicing leading clients worldwide. His clients have won races in the Triple Crown series, the Japan Derby and also Olympic Medals and he is the nutritional consultant for Triple Crown Nutrition based in Minnesota. Dr. Vandergrift personally formulated December Farms customized feed, based on the needs of the farm for optimum health of gestating mares and growing foals. He also consults and provides nutritional advice on a case by case basis.

  • Farrier Services - Frayley Equine Podiatry

    Equine Podiatry is a fascinating field that combines the art of farriery and blacksmithing with the medicine and science of the veterinary profession.  The foot of the horse is a very complex structure that has the enormous task of not only supporting the weight of the horse but also absorbing tremendous impact as it propels the horse at great speeds over often unforgiving terrain.  The complexity and importance of the Equine foot means it deserves special attention and treatment and that is precisely what we are here for.