• Boarding

    "My mares, foals and yearlings have flourished at December Farm. They are healthy and happy." - Michael Michalisin

    At December Farm we’re passionate about everything that affects the well being of our client’s horses. In a tranquil and stress-free environment, our experienced staff, cutting-edge veterinary care, top-quality feed, personal contact and set routines ensure that every horse is cared for in a professional manner.

  • Foaling

    "We really look forward to the videos Nicole sends us, so we can actually see our horses, living and breathing, healthy and happy in their Bluegrass home." - John Tavana

    At December Farm, communication is a standout service. Owners share in the foaling experience via internet photos and video updates. Babies are born under 24-hour supervision. In fact, an apartment is adjacent to the foaling barn to ensure constant supervision for the mare and her new baby.

  • Sales & Consigning

    "In a business where most farm owners take the path of least resistance and tell owners that “everything is great” with their mares and foals, Nicole will tell you the truth and highlight physical issues, even if they are slight, which helps me manage my own expectations about sales value or racing prospects." - Jim Covello

    December Farm’s approach to sales and consigning is simple: offer clients an individualized sales preparation program for each specific horse. Every horse is different so a cookie cutter approach to prepping a horse for a sale is not sufficient. Our approach is honest but thorough - thoughtful and distinctively different.

  • Pedigree & Bloodstock

    Many clients need more than a place to board a horse. At December Farm, we understand these needs and offer an array of valuable services that help the owner make the right decision related to confirmation, pedigree, and sales. At the end of the day, a client deserves an honest answer regarding their concerns and questions. December Farm takes pride in providing thoughtful feedback; and, we’re pleased to share our knowledge.

  • Equine Rehabilitation

    Post Hospital Care

    Post Injury Rehabilitation

    Rest and Relaxation

    Frequent Progress Reports

    Lameness Evaluations and Management

    Covered Horse Walker

    Access to alternative therapies including:


    Laser Therapy


    Manual Massage